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The dinner bell rang, signaling the end of a long day at school. Many students left their desk and headed for the nearest exit. Others gathered around their friends to catch up on the latest gossip and catch up on the latest games in town. Some students headed straight home. Still others decided to party it up a little bit later. If you were one of those who stayed at school because you knew you wouldn’t be able to leave till the morning, don’t worry! The night was just as fun as the day! You may have played multiple games all day, but by afternoon you knew all your friends would be exhausted and admit they could barely wait to get home so they could crash for a few hours before starting over again tomorrow. This is what college life was like for you– staying put until tomorrow morning! You probably spent your evenings playing games with your friends at a local bar or pub or at home watching movies or TV shows on repeat until you couldn’t stand it any longer and started heading for bed 

A new game has just been released, and it is called “Puzzle"! It’s the clicker version of the old favorite called “Slide”. This time you are given a set of challenging puzzle pieces that have to be put back together by clicking on matching pieces that have been laid out on a screen. The more pieces you click in a row, the more difficult the puzzle becomes. Can you solve it? Or will you get frustrated

Just another video game? No! These games have so much more to offer than just a quick fix for you after school or work. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up your own steam pipe game and how to play it

How to play

Using Mouse

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