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Helix Jump

What is Helix Jump

The player controls a circle which can only move horizontally. The goal of each level is to get the circle through all green hexagon tiles without touching any other hexagon tile. Green tiles will return the circle in its original position, but yellow tiles will trap the circle and make it disappear for a few seconds. If the player touches a red tile or gets trapped by two red tiles simultaneously then the game is over and the player has to restart the current level. Similar to traditional video games, levels become harder as players progress by unlocking new levels with more complex layouts and more unpredictable traps. The game features 8 different worlds with 25 different levels each. There are 13 different traps which players can find in almost every level so they can prepare beforehand to avoid them at specific locations or use them strategically when they appear unexpectedly at certain places in some levels — not just as obstacles, but also as good tools to reach hidden locations or unlock secret passageways

As the title suggests, this is a game about looking at things from different perspective. Helix Jump has you playing as a ball that can roll up to 15 balls at once. The objective of the game is to collect all of the stars in each level without hitting anything or going outside of it. It’s an interesting concept and one which we believe could be very fun if executed well. That being said, it’s not quite there yet but if you keep trying

In this game, you need to get a ball through the hole in each level. You can do that by passing the ball through pipes and ladders of different sizes. Try to complete all 30 challenging levels and become the best Helix Jump player! To help you with passing through the holes, you can use hooks and ladders. You move them with your mouse while holding down the left mouse button. To get extra points, try hitting balls off of hooks before they reach the exit hole. Good

How to play

Using Mouse

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