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What is Coreball

Coreball is probably the simplest game you'll ever play - but it's so captivating you can't take your eyes off it. The game starts with you using your skill and ingenuity to complete each level in the game. The first levels are always easy, the later the challenge will increase. Even the hardest players can surrender to tough challenges.

Notes when starting the game

Coreball focuses on pacing, the game is very easy, but if you miss the tempo of the game, it will be extremely difficult, fast or slow half a second and you will fail, the secret is to practice. Practice to grasp the pace of each level, once you understand, the game will become extremely easy.

Don't panic if you make a lousy first move, you can totally play again, just keep going until you can pass. Don't worry about winning or losing, every game is meant to be fun, enjoy it.

There are over 100 levels for you to explore, and when you reach the level like the video below, come back and share it to motivate others.


How to play

Left mouse to fire

Feel the rhythm to pass each level

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