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Urban Stack

What is Urban Stack

In a city, people live in groups called “stacks”. Each stack has a small number of legal and illegal apartments. Your goal is to build the largest and most luxurious apartment building in the city by stacking one floor after another. Apartments cost different amounts that you need to balance while planning your building. The more expensive apartments attract wealthy tenants who will pay higher rent than cheap ones. The rules are simple, but strategy is required to set up all properties on each level so as to have the right number of tenants at the right price for the right amount of rent per square meter which balances out cost and income. In this post we will cover everything about Cities Skylines: Urban Stack – The Cities Skylines mod that lets you play with verticality in your cities

Urban Stack is a new kind of casual gaming for everyone, who loves to spend time in the city and explore its hidden places. The game is based on the idea of exploring the city from the top and try to find locations, which can be visited together with friends. Build your own city tower by stacking houses one above another. Use a variety of building materials to stack floors on top of floors, turning houses into apartments, offices and hotels. This is an adventure game, so you need to find clues, solve puzzles and create maps as fast as you can in order to finish it first. It’s up to you if you want to do it alone or with others players via online multiplayer mode or pass-the-controller local multiplayer

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Using Mouse

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