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What is Undertale Yellow - Game Online

Introduce Undertale Yellow - Hot Games 2023

Undertale Yellow, a creation by Toby Fox in 2015 that's like a fantastic blend of humor, adventure, and heartfelt storytelling. It's not your typical game – it's a role-playing wonder.
Your task? Help a kid named Clover and his friends find their way back to the surface in a world full of monsters. What makes it cool? Well, in battles, you get to choose mercy instead of fighting, and that decision leads you to different endings in Undertale Yellow.

How to play Undertale Yellow?

Playing Undertale Yellow Online:

If you're itching to get started, there are two options: play online or download the game from Game Jolt.
Just go to or type "Undertale Yellow" in your favorite search engine and click on the site.
Controls to Guide Your Journey:
[Z] - You agree
[X] - You cancel
[ARROW KEYS] - Move Your Character
[Green Flag] - Start Over
And remember, if your character's HP hits zero, it's game over. Enjoy your time exploring Undertale Yellow!

Exploring Undertale Yellow on Game Jolt:

Visit the official game page on Game Jolt here:
Click on the download button and pick the option that suits your computer.
Unzip the file, start the game, and let the adventure unfold. Have a great time!

Discover the Characters of Undertale Yellow:

Let's take a look at the diverse team of characters in the undertale Yellow universe. It is a combination of familiar faces from classic Undertale, adding many completely new characters, increasing the novelty and excitement of the game.

The Main Crew

Meet Clover: The star of the show – a curious and kind child tumbling into the Underground. Unlike Frisk, Clover has some unique tricks up their sleeve, making the story extra special.

Dalv: is the mysterious guide, popping up to help Clover on their journey. But, shhh, Dalv's motives and origins are wrapped in a cloak of secrecy, adding a touch of intrigue.

Ceroba: a skilled monster warrior loyal to the Royal Family, joins Clover as an ally. Together, they tackle the challenges lurking in the Underground.

Starlo: a young and optimistic monster child, brings a breath of fresh air to the story. Their innocence shines in the Underground's tough realities.

Old Friends Making a Comeback

Flowey, the mischievous golden flower, is back, playing a big role in Undertale Yellow's plot.

Toriel, the caring goat monster, meets Clover early on. Despite her kindness, Toriel holds some deep secrets and regrets.

Snowdin, the quirky skeletal brothers, returns, providing laughs and deep thoughts. Stay tuned to unravel their role in the unfolding story.

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