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Tunnel Rush Mania

What is Tunnel Rush Mania

If you’ve played any of the other Tunnel Rush games then you know what to expect. This one is different, it’s Mania where you play all the way through a level without stopping to take a break or collect some stars. You see, in Mania mode you have to clear all the levels as fast as possible without taking too much damage and most importantly – without stalling! With so many levels it can get a bit tricky at times but this game has it all – great challenges, fun challenges and of course MANIA! What more could you want from an Arcade game? Get ready for tunnel rush

You are the ball and your job is to run as fast as you can through the maze of tunnels and over the obstacles to get to the other side. But be careful, there are tunnels that lead both ways! Sometimes you need to change direction, sometimes you just have to go faster! There are so many tunnels that it’s hard to know where the walls end, so use your sense of sight, sound, and smell to your advantage. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move. The mouse is for controlling the ball. Use the mouse button or left click to jump over a gap 

The tunnel rush is back and better than ever! This time you can compete with friends or guild members from all over the world in secret matchmaking servers. Once you’ve built your team, you can choose your map, game type, and stage of the tunnel rush. The best team will win a trip to the castle at the end of the tunnel. But be sure to bring some extra tunnels ‘cause you never know when you’ll run

How to play

Using Mouse

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