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Song Ball

What is Song Ball

This is a game about bouncing a ball into the basket as much as possible. But watch out, there’s a challenge waiting for you. During your progress through the levels,you’ll have to complete certain objectives. These objectives will be based on the level you are currently playing in. For example, if you are at the basketball level, you will need to take your shot at every opportunity; if you are playing at vegetables,you must avoid obstacles and pick up vegetables; etc. It sounds simple enough, but it can get tricky really fast! The object of the game is simple enough. As soon as you start playing,you’ll know what the game is all about. Bouncing a ball into the net as many times as possible. But this is only the beginning of this addictive game. There are over 100 challenging levels available in this fun and addictive game that will keep you busy for hours on end. Try your best to see if you can hit as many baskets as possible… Best Score: See how many goals you can score in this crazy third-person arcade shot-em-up game. You control the character with an arrow key,and shoot down balls with different power by pressing and releasing the left mouse button (or WASD keys). The further down you go,the more balls come back at you and harder they are to hit - so try your best not to get frustated by constantly failing shots or missing targets

A high-tech racing game, where the ball is flying through 3D levels. It’s a race against your opponents to get the ball to the finish line. If you miss even one level, then you will definitely lose! There are various obstacles in each level such as force fields, pits of fiery lava, and more. Use your skills as a jumper to jump over these obstacles and go after that fleeing ball. Have some fun and if you happen to win the race, congratulations! But if not - then at least you still have this game to play for another 4 wins!Features: - Great graphics; especially pleasing for gamers with 4 eyes - Three difficulty levels- Easy, Medium and Hard- Each with its own unique challenges - Stunning 3D graphics; nicely detailed backgrounds - Simple yet challenging gameplay; no time wasters - Score tracking for each level; keep an eye on your total score This game uses Game Center for competitive score tracking. You can also compete against yourself by playing easy levels first before going on to harder

Bounce ball! Use arrow keys to bounce your way through obstacles in this addictive game. Collect stars to increase your score and complete challenging levels. Let your inner jumper take over as you bounce your way through this fun game! Good luck! Control: criticism,ball,arcade,jump,arcade, game, jumping games, ball games, jumping games for kids, 8 bit games If you like the classic joystick style games or retro arcade style games with a twist then you’ll love this game! It’s inspired by those old school joysticks you’d find in arcades and feels great playing. You move the joystick up and down to control the angle of your jump and left and right to bounce left or right. The graphics are simple and not distracting so it’s perfect for young kids who may not yet be able to understand how to play the controllers properly. The only thing I would change is that there’s only one jump but we can live without another jump

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Using Mouse

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