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Sand Balls

What is Sand Balls

Do you like to play arcade games? Are you a fan of puzzle games or brain teasers? What about sports related games? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you will definitely enjoy playing this game. This game is called “Hypercasual” and it features some of the most addictive categories of games ever invented. The basic premise of this game is that you are trying to get as many points as possible by throwing as many ping pong balls at a row of similar coloured balls – sort of like bowling with balls instead of pins. As the rows get farther apart, the harder it becomes for you to throw the ball without hitting one of your own team mates. To make the game even more challenging, players have to avoid each other’s balls while trying to get as many points as they can. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, let me tell you that if you haven’t played this type of game before then it can be pretty challenging at first. But once you get into rhythm and start throwing easier balls, it really doesn’t feel like work at all! In order to help keep everyone on an even keel during play, there are also several different difficulty levels which change how difficult certain aspects of the game are so that even those who find it difficult on their own can still have a good time playing 

If you like arcade style games, then you will love playing this fun game. It’s similar to haggis but with basketballs instead of pucks. To win, you have to get your team of 3 players to land in one of the 5 baskets marked on the court. They all look different, so shooting from the same spot won’t usually work. The best way to score points is by getting your team of 3 players as close to the basket as possible without actually hitting it. You can either hit them with your ball or try and catch them with yours. Success comes from strategy more than skill, so work out where your teammates can go and play off them. If you like a challenging game that will take you minutes to start, then this is the game

When you’re playing a game, it can sometimes be difficult to remember just how challenging it really is. That’s why we created HyperCASUAL! This arcade-style party game challenges you in a variety of different ways, from simple “bomb the cans” minigames to hardcore “otto-cane” battles.

How to play

Using Mouse

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