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Rolling City

What is Rolling City

The Rolling City is a new kind of battle royale game developed by Layar Games. In this game, you will be able to control different kinds of cars such as sports cars, luxury cars, car vans, and even train cars. You will have to drive through different landscapes including beaches, cities, and deserts. The high-quality 3D graphics in the game makes it look realistic enough that you won’t be able to notice it’s just a game. It is completely free-to-play and anyone can join at anytime without having to wait for levels to unlock or anything like that. It has two different modes: Single Player and Multiplayer mode. In Single Player mode, you are assigned a role and must complete missions in order to unlock the next mission. There are also leaderboards available so you can compete against other players on the internet. Multiplayer mode allows up to 10 players at a time to play together in one map where they must try to survive as long as possible by eliminating others one by one with their vehicles until only one person remains victorious at the end of the

The new mobile game by Layar Games,Rolling City is here! The city is in chaos and it’s up to you to navigate your way through the roads and lanes of the city. But watch out for those traffic They are not happy with your presence in their city! You have just 45 seconds to evade them and reach the end of the road. If you get caught, that’s it – GAME OVER. The first-ever 3D Ball Battle Royale game is here to take on all players from around the world. Play as a Criminal or a Police Officer and fight for survival against opponents. Roll through checkpoints in this fast-paced battle royale game and aim for victory. This is how you play: - Explore different lanes - Find weapons, equipment and items - Defeat other players or team up with them to take down

The Rolling City is an online multiplayer action game with real-time 3D graphics, it’s a virtual world that exists in the space of our computer and you as the player will be able to explore this world and interact with other users anytime, anywhere. In this free-to-play multiplayer game, players can build their own city while competing against other players. There are many types of buildings to construct, such as houses, villas, shopping malls, hotels, theme parks and even cities. The city will be populated by NPCs for more variety and a greater challenge for players. And if you are enjoying the game and want to share your skills with others who also love this game then there is a best way to do that which is playing rock bock city online or offline

How to play

Using Mouse

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