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Retro Fever

What is Retro Fever

Imagine playing Super Mario Bros. on your smartphone years ago? Or playing a first-person shooter game in the 1980s? For many people, these memories are as vivid now as they were back then. These kinds of memories are called retro fever. It’s a hot topic right now and there are many reasons for it. We all love our past and reliving old experiences gives us that feeling of being young again. It helps us to remember why we fell in love with games in the first place. It allows us to experience the good old days all over again. Retro games have been around almost as long as video games themselves. They often give players an opportunity to play before more sophisticated games become widespread.

A group of friends get together and play old-school computer games, because what’s more fun than that? You know, the kind of games where you use your wits and not your virtual reality headset to prevail. But life gets in the way sometimes. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to play retro arcade games anymore. Whatever the case may be, this group isn’t having any of it. They’ve formed a club called Retro Fever, and now they are its members. The club meets once a week to play old school video game for two hours straight. No playing video games for them.

You control a boy who has to run and jump to avoid obstacles in order to hit the target.

How to play

Using Mouse

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