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Red Ball Forever 2

What is Red Ball Forever 2

It’s been a long road for the red ball and his friends. From being just another bouncing ball in an arcade to a game that could change the world, Kiz-10 has come a long way. The journey has been filled with obstacles and trials, but now that the red ball is ready to reveal his power, nothing will stop him from getting his groove back. In this sequel to BBL Forever, you take on the role of the Red Ball as he battles across 20 unique stages in this exciting new chapter of his story. Guide him through platforms and tight spaces as he takes on all new challenges. Keep your eyes open for hidden Power Balls and use them wisely as you make your way through each stage. You never know where your next chance at glory

You are a soccer ball, and you gotta catch as many passes as you can to score a goal. Take on any opponent in this futuristic soccer game and show them who's the real star! Use the arrow keys to control your ball, and shoot it with the space bar. Avoid the obstacles such as walls and players by tapping with your foot. Look out for the red balls that will slow you down — they will get you vainly trying to catch them again! Have fun! The more goals you score, the more stars you'll get. The more stars, the more challenges you can access. 

Beautiful ball, fantastic game! What’s new in this version? * new unique mode: amazing marble drop game, challenges you with difficult levels and crazy throwing moths * improved stability and performance * minor bug fixes 

How to play

Using Mouse

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