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Ocean Fish Merge

What is Ocean Fish Merge

A dream come true for any fish lover. A merger has been made between two of the world’s most beloved aquatic games: Bubble Fish and Crazy Fish. The result is Bubble Fish – a fast-paced arcade game that will have you swimming, clicking, and darting as you play. And that’s just the beginning. Bubble Fish is so much more than just a fish game. It’s also a challenging brain-teaser, an addictive arcade rush, and a celebration of the natural world. Get ready to unshack yourself from your usual routine and experience the best version of yourself 

The world's oceans have been overfished beyond recognition. Now, a group of fisherman and scientists have devised an innovative means of re-establishing equilibrium - by merging the species they catch to create new varieties that are better equipped to survive in an ever-changing environment. The Ocean Fish Merge is an arcade game in which you merge fish using various bizarre methods to get a higher score. You can also use your score to rank yourself against other players online or challenge friends to show off 

An unlikely collaboration between an arcade game developer and a pearl farming company has produced the world's most addictive fish-collecting are a bubble-fishing superhero who, along with your seven aquatic rivals, must make your way through a set of increasingly difficult levels to collect as many stars as possible. It might not seem like much on its surface - but believe us, it's a whole lot of fun once you dive

How to play

Using Mouse

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