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Maze rush

What is Maze rush

Maze Rush is the most challenging, fun and addicting maze game online. Can you clear all 18 challenging mazes in under 4 minutes? If not, the timer will keep on ticking and you'll have to start again. This is the most competitive version of This game with 19 increasingly difficult mazes and time limits ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds. Unpredictable doors, walls and obstacles challenge your reaction time and finger dexterity. Try them all and see which maze suite 

Are you smart enough to escape the maze? Use your skill and reaction time to guide the ball through the maze as fast as you can. Can you finish in time? Get the flash game called This amazing game,game,ball, action, 3d games, brain, boys, action, 3d, logic, 3d, boy at GameJolt immediately. It has more than 9000 plays and rating of based on 637 votes. What are you waiting for? 

It’s the most brilliant game in the world! Create your own mazes, race against the clock to finish them as fast as possible, and see how many points you can score. Can you complete every maze in Lumbridge Castle before time runs out? Sounds like your kind of game? If so, check out the awesome new This amazing game game from Brainpie

How to play

Using Mouse

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