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Lucky Golden Piggies

What is Lucky Golden Piggies

It’s that time of year again, where pigs fly and we celebrate the harvest! Collect golden acorns filled with magic while running your farm. Feed your golden piggies, build new buildings and scare away the crows to keep them happy and healthy. This cute endless farming game is perfect for clicking fans, especially those who enjoy games such as Candy Crush or Farm Heroes! It’s very simple to play: just tap to grow crops which will produce acorns for you to collect later. The more you play, the more challenging it becomes. But don’t worry! You can also purchase upgrades in order to progress faster at building your farm. We also have a special limited-time event every year called “Golden Piggies Festival” where a handful of new items are added into the game from November until January. Therefore, there is always something new and exciting to look forward

The Golden Piggies are going to be gone for a few months. There’s been a new development in their highly secure treehouse, and it’s quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened to these pigs. It’s an invention. A game. Not just any game though—it’s called Lucky Piggies, and it’s the best game ever made! The Golden Piggies have spent many happy hours playing this game together, but now they can’t play it at the same time because they require different skills and attention-spaces in order to succeed! Fortunately, we don’t need different games or skills; we just need to play together more often! Instead of missing out on all that fun, why not make up for lost time by playing whenever you can? After all, every moment is an opportunity for exploration in this world where no two days are ever the

Lucky Golden Piggies is a clicker game where you control a group of golden piggies who are trying to find their way back home. Every time you play the game, you get to choose how many golden piggies will be with you at any given moment. Choose carefully because failure means certain doom! If you’re worried about spending money on this game, don’t be - there are plenty of ways you can get it for free. Read on for more

How to play

Using Mouse

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