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Jungle Marble Pop Blast

What is Jungle Marble Pop Blast

Bounce marble pop game! Your goal is to pop all the marbles. Have a nice day! Jungle Marble Pop Blast,game,arcade, 1 player, arcade, clicker, bubble,...

This is a fun game that will get you moving and pumping your fists in the air! All you need to do is pop as many marbles as possible by blowing bubbles of the same colour into eachother’s mouths. Simple, right? Well, yes and no. The basics are simple - popping as many bubbles at once as possible while staying out of the opponent’s bubblegun. However, there are several subtle differences between playing this game and actually being in a real life bubble pop competition. The game takes place in a virtual world known as The Jungle, so what you see is what you get - players must pop colored marbles into other players’ mouths to clear them from the field. Since this is a clicker type game, “pops” are used to indicate when a marble has been popped. These “pops” can be either audible (buzzing) or telegraphed via three tiny colored lights on the side of each marble (elbow- snapping). To make it even more challenging, opposing bubble shooters alternate who shoots first during their turn (the no- passive strategy).

The Jungle Marble Pop Blast game is an entertaining arcade game where you have to pop as many marbles as possible in the least amount of time. The aim of the game is simple. Hit each marble with your cannon and hope that it will pop as many bubbles as possible. To help you pass time, there are various modes that you can play including casual, training and a challenge mode which tests your shot-making skills over a set period of time. The different modes all have unique requirements, so it's not just a case of playing for points 

How to play

Using Mouse

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