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Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

What is Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

Feed the sharknoids and watch them devour each other in this arena-based horror game! Feed the sharknoids, collect points and also unlock new sharks to feed them as well. The more powerful they become, the more points you will get towards unlocking them. Unlock more lethal sharks with more powerful attacks and try to beat your friends. This io game has only one goal in mind; To be FUNNY! It may not have the best graphics but it doesn’t matter since you are not going to play it for that anyway. There are so many games like this on Google Play, Do you think you can be better than all of them? Come on, Challenge yourself and let's see who is really the best in this nicheio game

The Hungry Shark games are fun, but how would you like it if you could play as the shark instead? Well, this is your lucky day because we have just introduced a brand new game mode to our franchise, Arena Horror Night! Arena Horror Night is a new game mode that will debut in the upcoming installment of Hungry Shark and it takes place in the depths of an abandoned arena. Players will be able to challenge up to eight players at once and participate in a “Survival of the Fittest” style gameplay. The last man standing will win! Will you be able to survive the Arena Horror Night and become the most fearsome predator of all

Hungry Shark is back and this time it’s in ARAAH! Hungry shark arena horror night is the third instalment of the Hungry Shark series. You play as a hungry shark and you must eat as many fish as possible by swimming through various islands in an attempt to surpass your previous high score. This time around you are not just focusing on eating other fish, but you also have to avoid bloody hooks, angry whales and hungry seals who all want revenge on you for killing their friends! Get ready for some blood-curdling fun with Hungry Shark Arena Horror

How to play

Using Mouse

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