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Going Balls

What is Going Balls

In the 3D arcade game Going Balls, you must roll a metal ball along a wooden track. Guardrails are present in various places along the track, but not all. Gather the money, the roll the ball across the finish line without letting it fall into the pit.

Rules for playing Going Balls
Swiping your screen or pressing the directional buttons will let you propel the ball down the floating wooden track. Keep swiping or tapping to keep the speed; each input will move the ball a small distance.

Get the keys to open the treasure chests and the coins to unlock further balls. Attempt to touch the metal ball floating in the air and the gray tile. 

When you decide to activate them, you can scoop up where you left off if you chance to fall over the edge. These are checkpoints.

How to succeed Going Balls: helpful hints
Going Balls differs from the other endless running ball games that served as its inspiration in that you can alter your route and roll backwards. You can go back and pick up any missing going and keys to raise your score.

Swipe your trackpad or use a mouse to play if you're on a laptop or desktop. You will have more control over the ball if you swipe in conjunction to turning around by pressing the downward arrow key.

How to play

Using Mouse

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