What is is a fun and creative online game that can be played with friends or strangers. The game is a digital version of the classic drawing and guessing game commonly known as "Telephone Pictionary." In, players take turns drawing pictures based on a set of random words, and then pass their drawing onto the next player who must guess what the drawing represents. The next player then draws their own interpretation of the previous player's guess, and so on, until the game comes full circle and everyone sees the original word or phrase that started the game.

To play, players can either create a private room and invite their friends to join, or they can join a public room and play with strangers. The game offers different groups of words to choose from, including animals, objects, movies, and more. Each player is given a limited amount of time to draw their picture and submit it, and then the guessing begins. Players earn points for correctly guessing other players' drawings, and the first player to reach a predetermined number of points is declared the winner.

Overall, is a fun and entertaining game that encourages creativity, imagination, and social interaction. It's a great way to spend time with friends or meet new people while playing a fun and engaging game.

How to play

Using Mouse