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Funny Neon Ball

What is Funny Neon Ball

Neon Ball is a fun 3D ball game. It has challenging stages and unique physics. Unleash your shooting skills and explode the balls in this awesome 3D ball game. You are playing as a hero trying to crash the party of some friends, but you have little time to prepare, as the ball is about to hit the wall! Your mission is to bounce all the coloured balls into the specified field by tapping on targets with your finger. Make use of obstacles such as moving walls and Invisible Walls to help you pass safely through level gates. The more balls you bounce at one time, the more points you score. Try not to get hit by any stray flying objects! How To Play: Use your WII Remote or Nunchuk to shoot down passing balls with projectiles such as fireballs etc. To target a particular color, press Left/Right on DPad (up/down). You can also use your Wii Remote for aiming - just press Left/Right again after shooting in order for it to home in on that specific target if your first shot hits an obstacle and you need to see where your second shot should go so that it hits that specific target). Use Arrow keys or Circle Pad (left/right) along with DPad (up/down) to move left or right The Hints & Tips section explains various techniques that will keep youancing easily and prolonging your playing time. If this game sounds like something that would be right up 

Who doesn’t like a good party? It may be the most fun you can have without actually having to do anything. The best parties are the ones that don’t involve alcohol and end up being a lot of fun for everyone involved. The Game Neon Ball,game,3d, ballon, s, puzzle, 3d, sport, ball is one of those parties. This crazy game will have you and your friends (or family) bouncing around from table to table tricking each other with hilarious comments that make even the most sober of people giggle. If you’re looking for lots of laughs and a chance to show off your social skills at the same time then this might be the party for you. You won’t believe how much fun

This is the ballon against the computer or other players and help it to reach its destination by jumping,throwing,diving,rolling and many more. Simple but challenging, isn’t that what you want from a videogame? This is how a neon ball game should be! Each level has its own objective: jump into the glowing ball and prevent your opponent from reaching it; roll it; throw it etc. Sounds easy right? But the ball is moving fast and there are many other balls around so you need to be quick and think straight. You can also share yourscore on social media or upload your best performance as a challenge to your friends. Have fun with this fun neon ball

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Using Mouse

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