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Color Tunnel Ball

What is Color Tunnel Ball

Each kid has their own favorite game, and no matter how old they get or what kind of games they play, the classic arcade game of whack-a-mole will always be there. But that doesn’t mean whack-a-mole is one of kid’s favorites games! In this retro block shooter game you have to hit as many colorful blocks as possible. Let go of the ball and it will roll down a lane at an angle into a moving target. When it hits another block, it converts into that color and shoots at the same angle. Catch them before they hit the wall or you are hit by them! Use your arrow keys to move and shoot and avoid going into the walls. If you do it right, three colors will pass by within seconds with minimal impact on each other. If not, you will just hit more colors than usual and start over again from scratch. Simple as that! Features: - Simple but challenging gameplay - 30 levels - 5 different difficulty levels - How far can you go? Can you whack all the colorful blocks in order to progress to the next level? - Collecting special power-ups or shooting balls of a certain color towards your opponent will change their color

A fun, fast-paced arcade game in which you control a ball that has to avoid hitting the obstacles in its path. Avoid the obstacles, collect points and help your ball to pass through the checkpoints before the time runs

Arcade games are fun for any age. 

How to play

Using Mouse

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