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Candy Bubble Panda

What is Candy Bubble Panda

Matching games are some of the most popular types of mobile games. In the Bubble Panda game, you must match falling candy with a certain number of pop balls. You can play Bubble Panda in two different modes: Arcade and endless mode. Each mode has its own specific challenges that will make you work your brain muscles to the limit. In the Arcade mode, you have only a limited amount of lives to play through each level. The more levels you complete, the more difficult they become. Once you get used to playing in this mode, it is very addictive and fun! In endless mode, there are no limits to how many times you can play the same level. How many pops can you fit in each ball? 

Match 3 or more candies of the same type to score points. You can play against your friends or create your own levels and send them to other players via the Game Center! The object is to match three or more identical candies of a particular type (like classic Bubble Pops, Jelly Jacks, etc.) to score additional points. For example, if you wish to play Bubble Pops 4 Pancakes game, you can create a level with "Jelly Jacks" as the candy type and indicate that they should be matched with "Pistachios." Or simply post a level with "Bubble Pops" as the candy

Are you a Candy Bubble Panda lover? Candy Bubble Panda is a sweet Match 3 game where you need to shoot candy bubbles into the matching basket by matching three or more similar candies.

How to play

Using Mouse

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