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Bubble Shooter - puzzle

What is Bubble Shooter - puzzle

In this Bubble Shooter game, you have to clear all the bubbles by shooting them into the gaps using your arrow keys. Make sure not to hit your own bubbles or you will lose a life. Have fun! ———————————————————————————————— How to Play ———————————————————————————————— Use the arrow keys to direct the bubble and it's speed. Type in commands such as ‘shoot left’, ‘shoot right’, etc to make the bubble shoot in that direction. You might need to type in a few commands depending on how many bubbles are in the air, but just try it and see what happens! It's easy peasy once you get the hang of it. If you're having trouble with any part of this Bubble Shooter game, don't worry! Just read on for more help tips. – Controls – The Bubble Shooter game is played with the arrow keys on your keyboard. The up arrow key controls your aim and fires particularly fast bubbles, whilst down arrow controls slower moving bubbles. Pressing either or both of these keys shoots a bubble by pressing the corresponding spacebar button on your keyboard. It doesn’t matter which direction you press; if you release the button before firing, it will go in that direction automatically. Try out different combinations of buttons and see what works best for you! – Strategy – This Bubble Shooter game can be challenging at times due to how many bubbles are released at once. 

This is the classic bubble shooter game with addicting gameplay! Try to pop as many bubbles as possible by shooting the bubbles with your weapon of choice. Use effective shots to pop more bubbles at once, or use alternates like Wall-Ball, Pool-Ball, or even ARG (All Random). The choice is yours! Have Fun Playing Bubble Shooter Puzzle! - - - - - -

Bubble Shooter is a fun and addicting game. Try to clear all the bubbles from the screen by shooting them with your arrow key. Make sure not to let any bubble reach the bottom of the screen or you will lose. Use different objects like lollipops, syrups, fruits and candies to clear more bubbles at the same time. 

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