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Bubble Shooter Chicken

What is Bubble Shooter Chicken

Can you keep up with the Chicken? This hyperactive fowl is always running around, pecking at everything in sight! The Chicken’s curiosity knows no bounds and she will chase her own tail for as long as she can! But watch out, because she also has a tendency to peck at anything and everything. Keep up or get left behind. The chickens have escaped from their chicken coop, and now it’s up to you to stop them from getting away! Use your skill as a master of shooter games to help the chickens home safely. Each level features multiple chickens that require a unique strategy to capture. But be careful; if you’re not fast enough, they might just get away with it! Shoot those chickens before they escape through one of the five exit holes. Try and keep track of the chicken that just ran past you as well… Don’t let them get away, or they might return again! Good luck and have

The chicken is a new app from the creators of the famous game Bubble Shooter. It is a simple and fun puzzle game for all ages. Shoot colored balls in order to match 3 or more of the same color so they burst. The more balls you burst, the higher your score and the better your ranking. The goal of this game is to clear all the balls by using any of the given methods which are available in this game. You have to tap on matching red balls before they merge with other balls or they will burst as well. Also, don’t forget that the more balls you burst at one time, the higher your score will be. So, just keep on playing and completing levels to unlock new chickens and their upgrades! This should make things easier for you in no

Play the classic Bubble Shooter with new Chicken themes! Chicken is everywhere in this game! There are 3 different Chicken themes to choose from, each with its own challenges and gameplay. The bubble shooter with chicken theme is probably one of the most played games across all platforms. It’s a simple concept but it can be challenging too. In that sense, it’s easy to learn but hard to master. Packed full of fun and excitement, enjoy playing this

How to play

Using Mouse

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