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Bubble Ghost Shooter

What is Bubble Ghost Shooter

Bubble Ghost Shooter ! This new version is even more intense with added supernatural elements. You’ll have to survive against the odds by popping as many bubbles as possible without being popped yourself! Can you master this challenging yet addictive bubble shooter? Will you be able to pop more than your opponents and become the bubble ghost king? Read on to know more about This game, including gameplay tips

The game This one is one of the most popular match-3 games in the world. It’s a fast-paced arcade style bubble shooter that will have you playing for hours on end! The object of the game is to remove bubbles from the board by making matches of three or more of the same color. You can play against the computer or with other players via the local or online options. You can either play against time, your friends, or challenge yourself with high scoring global and secret leaderboards. Your feedback helps make Rift Creators develop games and content for gamers around 

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How to play

Using Mouse

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