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Bubble Drop

What is Bubble Drop

Bubble Drop, a casual bubble shooter with an arcade twist, has it all: a fun & simple gameplay, beautiful graphics, challenging levels & boss fights- all wrapped in a bubble shooter theme. bubble drop game packs everything you need to start playing right away. bubble drop - arcade bubble shooter rules tutorial play free bubble drop game online for free or unlock all blocked areas and play free This one Games with no limit How to play This one Game on iPhone? iPlayer has launched its own version of the hit game Bubble Shooter, but it turned out to be much more fun than we expected. Are you a fan of these arcade style games? If so then check out our list of the best video games for iPhone & iPad today. The over-the-top action of Bubble Shooter makes this one of the top games on our list. 

Your goal in this bubble shooter game is to destroy as many bubbles as possible. Shoot bubbles of the same color to make them explode, while avoiding bubbles of your opponents. Use the arrow keys to direct your bubble gun and try not to get hit! Use the spacebar to increase your score. Can you reach 100,000 score? Collect Coins: Whenever you destroy a bubble it leaves behind a pop can that can be shot at other bubbles for points and coins. The more pop cans you have the Higher your Score! Make sure you shoot all of your pop cans so that they leave behind as few bubbles as possible. When playing against computer opponents you will only need to worry about different colored bubbles and how many pop can shots you can launch in succession to earn points and fill up your Bubble Score Bar. 

This amazing game is a simple Bubble Shooter game. The objective is simple, Move your bubble to the bottom of the bubbles columns to release them. The more bubbles you release at once, the higher your score will be. The more difficult the game becomes, the more fun it becomes. Try our challenging high score tables or play for real money for added challenge 

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Using Mouse

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