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Bluey Game Online

What is Bluey Game Online

About Bluey Game:

Bluey Game is an addictive and enjoyable online game based on the beloved Australian animated children's TV series, Bluey. 

Step into the shoes of Bluey and keep a balloon afloat by skillfully bouncing it off her head. At the same time, it's a game that captures the charm and essence of the show, providing endless entertainment.

How to Play Bluey Game:

  • Use the arrow keys to move Bluey left or right.
  • Press Z and X to control Bingo.
  • Bounce the balloon off Bluey's head to keep it in the air.
  • Accumulate points for each successful bounce.
  • Avoid obstacles like birds and kites to maintain the balloon's flight.
  • You have three lives; keep the balloon from touching the ground to preserve your lives.


Bluey Game unfolds as a captivating digital odyssey, presenting an enthralling avenue to refine hand-eye coordination, swift reaction skills, and steadfast perseverance. An experience tailored to resonate with a diverse player demographic, spanning all age brackets. Immerse yourself in the wondrous realm of Bluey, and relish the sheer delight of sustaining the buoyant balloon's flight through this delightful adventure.

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