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Block Champ

What is Block Champ

The primary objective of Block Champ is to clear rows and columns of blocks to earn points and advance to higher levels. Here are the specific objectives of the game:

  1. Clear blocks: The player must clear blocks from the game board by forming complete rows or columns. When a row or column is complete, it will be removed from the board, and the player will earn points.

  2. Manage the game board: The player must manage the game board by strategically placing the falling blocks to create complete rows or columns. The player must plan ahead to ensure that they have enough space to place the falling blocks.

  3. Advance to higher levels: As the player earns points, they will advance to higher levels. Each level is more challenging than the previous one, with faster falling blocks and more complex patterns.

  4. Achieve high scores: The game keeps track of the player's high scores, and the objective is to achieve the highest score possible. The player can compete against their own high scores or against other players' scores.

  5. Use power-ups: The game includes power-ups that can be used to help clear blocks or earn extra points. These power-ups are earned by clearing a certain number of blocks or achieving specific objectives.

Overall, the objectives of Block Champ are to clear blocks, manage the game board, advance to higher levels, achieve high scores, and use power-ups. By achieving these objectives, the player can progress through the game, earn high scores, and compete against other players.

How to play

Using Mouse

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